Ybern TPS Solutions customers seeing success.

Our parking experts are proud to have implemented solution for over 10,000 + parking bays and serving 37 Parking structures Australia wide.

What customers are saying

Strathfield Plaza

With well earned respect, I can confidently recommend Ybern’s Ticketless Parking System. Over the past 12 months, the system has consistently delivered a 98+% licence plate read accuracy and has operated flawlessly and delivered the solution that was promised from our initial discussion on a new parking solution.

Once the Ybern system was implemented, their ability to communicate and train our staff in the use and management of the equipment was exceptional.

I would highly recommend the Ybern Ticketless Parking System (YbernTPS®) and their team for any future ticketless parking solution.

William Zhang
General Manager – Strathfield Plaza

Target Country Bowral

Prior to the system being installed, a large number of vehicles used our customer parking spaces when visiting other retail outlets and would stay for extended periods, ignoring the 90 minute free parking signage.

I was advised about the Ybern system and contacted Ybern who, from the very start, were attentive to the issues we were having and quickly put forward suggestions to deliver the best possible solution for our car park. 

The key to the successful installation is that they were professional in all communication and a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend The Ybern Ticketless Parking System and their team for any future ticketless parking system installations.

Kind regards,