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Ybern wins a competitive tender to design the ultimate Ticketless Parking System for JQZ, St Leonards precinct development in Sydney, NSW.

We are excited to be an integral part of JQZ’s monumental urban transformation and the push to create new precincts around Australia. The vision and approach to precinct planning can deliver and generate billions of dollars in jobs and investments around the country which has a positive impact on the COVID-19 recovery effort. 

Precincts truly are an exceptional living environment and make use of urban consolidation. Ybern TPS will be fully integrated within the precinct to heighten the user experience.

We have designed the system to give back something you can’t buy – Time!

Our system will allow for easy access for all user groups with unique demands to create a positive free-flowing experience for visitors, guests, shoppers and those who will call the precinct home.

Our core value is to simplify parking and JQZ embodies our vision as this project is more than just a mixed-use development, we are a part of something bigger – future cities that can bring forward-thinking and progression to metropolitan areas by pushing the boundaries on future planning to create the ultimate lifestyle and community development.

Ybern Celebrates 10 Years

In January 2021 Ybern celebrated 10 successful years in the Ticketless Parking Industry. Click on the images below to wath a video of our journey and to see more photos of our event.

In the news – Ybern Ticketless Parking System

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