Market Square Car Park Upgrade, Lane Cove NSW

Ticketless Parking System

The world’s first installation of the Ybern Ticketless Parking System (TPS) in 2010 was in NSW for Lane Cove Council (LCC) at their Market Square Car Park. This installation has just completed a major upgrade to frictionless parking. This is the most recent development of the Ybern TPS solution.

It arose out of a Business Requirement from LCC for a gateless parking system with a post pay facility in the cloud.

As the first installation of a ticketless parking system using ANPR in the world, the launch was featured on Channel 7 prime time evening news.

The Situation

In 2018, LCC requested a gateless system with a post pay facility, to increase throughput in car park lanes. The open-air car park at Rosenthal Avenue was to be redeveloped and parking would be reduced significantly during construction. This would increase demand for parking at Market Square and LCC wanted to make the parking environment easier for users.

The Solution

Ybern worked with LCC to create a viable solution which involved civil works to the car park to create an additional exit lane.

The features of frictionless parking are:

  • No boom gates on either entry or exit lanes
  • LED signage to inform parkers of their fee status
  • An express exit lane without a paystation to facilitate the exit of parkers who are not liable for a fee
  • An exit lane with an exit paystation
  • An online option for paying the fee within 48 hours

The Result

This TPS solution enables a 300-space car park to sustain an average daily turnover of 3,600 vehicles. This is an average of 12 vehicles per parking space per day, a turnover rate unmatched by any other ticketless parking system.

The Ybern solution has maximised the utility and minimised the operational demands of the car park.


Project Details

Completion Date: June 2019

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