Col Jones Swim Fitness NSW

Ticketless Parking System

Col Jones Swim Fitness is a suburban aquatic centre located in Hurstville, NSW. It is a redevelopment of the site which would include off street car parking.

The Situation

The car park is accessed through a single entry and a single exit lane. The driver for changing from the existing situation was the need was to manage the car park resources to primarily benefit the Aquatic Centre customers.

There are three classes of car park user:

  • Casual parkers
  • Aquatic Centre customers
  • Staff

The Business Rules to be applied by the car park access control system are:

  • Casuals, Aquatic Centre customers and Staff can enter the carpark
  • Staff can park for free in the carpark
  • Casuals are charged according to the rate scale
  • Aquatic Centre customers are charged discounted rates

The Solution

The Ybern Ticketless Parking System (TPS) allows validation of parking by the reception staff at the Aquatic Centre.

This installation has proved to be a resounding success. Car park spaces are being utilised for the benefit of Aquatic Centre customers and the administrative workload is minimal.

Project Details

Completion Date: June 2018

Dynamic Ticketless Parking

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