Harbord Diggers NSW

Ticketless Parking System

Mounties Group redeveloped the Harbord Diggers site on the Freshwater headland into a mixed development of residential, food court and club. Ybern were contracted to provide a seamless parking experience for a mix of public, private and VIP parking.

The Situation

The car park is accessed through three entry and four exit lanes. There is a separate access through gated entry and exit lanes for Residents and VIP parkers.

The Business Rules to govern the car park access are:

  • Casual parkers, Residents, VIPs, and Site Management can enter the Main zone
  • Residents can enter and park for free in the Resident zone but will be charged as casual parkers if they park in the Main zone
  • VIPs can enter and park for free in the VIP and Main zones
  • Site Management can enter and park for free in any zone
  • Residents visitors can park for free in the Main zone

The Solution

The Ybern Ticketless Parking System (TPS) enables seamless administration of physical and virtual internal zones within a car park. The capacity to incorporate these Business Rules is a prime example of the Ybern TPS expertise in facilitating easy and convenient management of complicated parking situations.

Project Details

Completion Date: January 2019

Dynamic Ticketless Parking

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