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Ticketless Parking System
Newtown Central Car Park is a shared, single entry/exit lane car park with a ‘tidal flow’. At either end of the lane there are red/green traffic lights. The approach off the street is down a ramp with a 90-degree left hand turn into the lane proper and then into the car park.

For this site, Ybern TPS engineers invented a unique tidal flow solution which has a small foot print and facilitates more turnover of car spaces.

The TPS tidal flow solution is fully autonomous making possible the economic use of a small space with restricted entry for car parking. It improves parking revenue and reduces costs.

For the car park operator and owners, the benefits of this installation include:

  • No re-engineering of the entry/exit lane
  • No re-engineering of the car park spaces
  • Higher turnover of parking customers
  • Improvement of compliance with parking rules
  • Minimal on-site staff attendance
  • Minimal maintenance

Eastpoint Food Fair Car Park

New McLean Street, Edgecliff

  • Multi-level car park servicing the Eastpoint Food Fair and Edgecliff Railway Station
  • Dual entry lane
  • Dual exit lane
  • 275 parking spaces and resident parking access controlled by ANPR

Newtown Central Car Park

328-330 King Street, Newtown (Entry Via Railway Lane)

  • shared single entry /exit lane – tidal flow
  • 29 parking spaces

Project Details

Completion Date: December 2017

Dynamic Ticketless Parking

Find out how a modern Ticketless Parking System can
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