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Ticketless Parking System at The Wesley Private Hospital, Brisbane


The Wesley Hospital, in Auchenflower Brisbane, is a not-for-profit private hospital, owned and operated by The Uniting Church of Australia, under Uniting Care Health. The Hospital provides car parking facilities on the Wesley Campus to staff, patients and visitors.

The Wesley was looking to optimise income generated by its car parks, to find cost savings and improve car parking accessibility.

The Wesley provides 2500 spaces in three locations – in a multi-level car park; on the Hospital grounds and the Mooreland Oval. There are a total of fifteen entry and exit points.

The Wesley has a population of users who are classified into 60 classes of privileged and concession parkers.

Various methods of paying for parking were operating at the Wesley. Collecting parking fees was by way of:

  • Automatic Pay Stations – for casual users
  • For Staff, Non Hospital Employees and Debtors data was uploaded fortnightly and processed by UCH Payroll and Finance departments, through payroll deduction and debtor accounts
  • Concessional Parking – applicable to 60 classes of users


Ybern’s Ticketless Parking System was deemed to be the most cost effective and efficient approach to fulfilling the needs of the Wesley and the car park users.

All Ticketless Parking System (TPS) software (Kronos) is created and owned by Ybern. The most impressive features of the software are the car park user classification software and the operations management package.

All the pay machines are designed by Ybern and manufactured in Australia with some components sourced from overseas.

The TPS solution for the Wesley consists of:

  • Two cameras with vandal proof housings for each lane
  • Three slimline Pay on Exit paystations
  • A specifically designed multi-function Pay on Foot paystation
  • Various barrier gates; some with articulated arms and some without
  • A back to base intercom unit in the car park and in the paystation
  • A Server computer, Kronos control software and modem


The Wesley TPS came online in February, 2015.

Project Details

Client: Uniting Health Care

Completion Date: February 2015

Why the Wesley Chose TPS

  • Capacity to manage separate parking zones.
  • Capacity to handle multiple concession holders.
  • Capacity to prevent misuse of parking concessions.
  • Comprehensive management reporting package.
  • Self-registration on the web.
  • Free flowing entry and exit at multiple entry and exit points.

The Wesley Car Park Statistics

  • 2500 spaces.
  • 3 locations – a Multi-Level Car Park; Hospital Grounds and the Mooreland Oval.
  • 15 entry and exit points.
  • 60 classes of privileged and concession parkers.

The Wesley Private Hospital

30 Chasely Street, Auchenflower QLD 4066, Australia

The Wesley Hospital

The Wesley Hospital

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