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Ticketless Parking System at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital


At Spring Hill, Brisbane, the St. Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital (SAWMH) operated a 200 space car park with a ‘man-in-a booth’ ticket system. St Andrews (and the Wesley) are both UCH Hospitals and UHC were looking for a solution to use in its hospital car parks in Queensland. They were in the market for a system to maximise usage and income from their car parks.

The Ybern Ticketless Parking System (TPS) was chosen by SAWMH for its unique and proven capabilities as a true ticketless parking system. Drivers simply drive in and, when it’s time to leave, they enter their license plate number on the pay machine touch screen, pay the parking fee [by cash or card] and drive out without stopping. That’s it.


A TPS solution provides cost saving by cutting down on expenditure for on-site and admin staff to manage the car park. Savings are delivered by the robust performance of Ybern designed equipment and software such as:

  • Advanced ANPR camera technology and robust car park equipment (boom gates, intercom, etc.)
  • Automatic multi-function pay machines
  • Remote monitoring of equipment performance
  • Remote tracking of vehicle movement in the internal zones of the car park
  • Self-registration by account holders via the Web

Among the operational features that contribute to revenue enhancement in the TPS system offered SAWMH are:

  • Exceptional performance of ANPR cameras delivering read rates of 99%+
  • Operational and financial data reports that are detailed, clear and comprehensive
  • Reports that are accessible remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Software capable of operating a self-administered, complicated, multi layered concessional parking scheme like the one at the SAWMH


The new Ybern Ticketless Parking System (TPS) came online in December 2014.

Project Details

Client: St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital

Completion Date: December 2014

Why St Andrews Chose TPS

  • Capacity to handle multiple concession holders
  • Automation of staff parking scheme
  • Self-registration on the web
  • No paper
  • Capacity to prevent misuse of parking concessions
  • Free flowing entry and exit at multiple entry and exit points
  • Comprehensive management reporting package

SAWMH Car Park Statistics

  • One entry & one exit lane
  • Staff entry & exit lane on an internal ramp
  • Averaging 460 visits daily

St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

North Street, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia

St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

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