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Ticketless Parking System at Ipswich Hospital Foundation (Three Car Parks)


There are three car parks in Ipswich managed by the Ipswich Hospital Foundation (IHF); two established sites – Hospital West, the Plaza in Ipswich city – and a new car park, Hospital East, which opened in 2013.

The main users of the Hospital West car park are the hospital staff who enjoy a concessional parking rate.  The low tariff parkers who occupied most of the car park limited the income from this car park. The City Plaza site is a general car park.

The existing car park management system required eight full and part-time staff to administer the car park and the staff scheme. To access the car park, staff were using a swipe card linked to their pay-roll deduction, or purchased a book of ten pre-paid passes which they handed to the car park attendant.

Solution for Hospital West

The IHF found that the TPS solution to automate the Hospital West and the Plaza car parks met their operational and financial requirements.

  • The Ybern TPS solution offered on-line self-registration for parkers who want the convenience of a pre-paid parking account.
    • Registration is available before entering the car park.
    • Registration is available in real time, after entering the car park.  Once the registration is accepted, the Account is established and the parker simply drives out.
    • Account Holders can register for an Account, check usage and update details from any PC, Smartphone, iPad or iPhone.
  • Hospital staff can register up to three licence plate numbers.
  • Administrators can easily access comprehensive Financial and Operational Reports via the TPS management interface.
  • Remote monitoring is available to assist parkers and to monitor equipment performance.

These TPS features made it possible for the IHF to deploy staff to other duties instead of administering permanent parkers and the car park.

On the strength of these and other positive outcomes, Ybern was offered the opportunity to work on the third car park – a new car park, Hospital East.

Solution for Hospital East

Ybern worked with the Qld Dept. of Health, their builders, WATPAC Construction and Engineering Consultants, Norman Disney Young.

The challenge for this new car park [completed in 2013] was how to avoid traffic queuing and congestion. The Ybern TPS solution provided the new car park with the ideal access solution and saved Qld Health undertaking large scale civil works. Specifically, the TPS system:

  • Freed up peak flows at morning and afternoon shift changeovers getting rid of the requirement for incoming traffic to come to a stop in the entry lane
  • Maximized usage of the entry lane which is only accessible via a narrow one way street with a sharp left hand turn
  • Ensured unobstructed ambulance access to the Accident and Emergency Unit opposite the new car park entry.


  1. Dynamic traffic flow. By maximizing the use of the entry lane and avoiding the need for incoming traffic to come to a halt in the entry lane, the TPS solution eliminated the previous problems of traffic queueing and congestion.
    • This has allowed traffic flow in the entry lane to exceed 90 vehicles in three minutes. Traffic flows in an hour have exceeded 400 vehicles.
    • This saved the costs of large scale civil works to relocate power lines, resume houses and build an additional third lane into the access street.
  2. Savings in Staff. By implementing the TPS car park management system, the IHF was able to reduce admin staff from eight full and part-time staff to one part time-staff and a remote monitoring service.
  3. Improved revenue. The value added to the car park operation at the three Ipswich sites by the TPS system has substantially increased parking income.

Project Details

Client: Ipswich Hospital Foundation

Completion Date: June 2013

TPS Solves Tough Problems

  • Optimising income and reducing staff concession admin time.
  • Freeing up traffic congestion at shift changeovers.
  • Maximising entry from a narrow one-way street.
  • Ensuring traffic queuing does not impact the Emergency entry.

TPS is the Complete Solution to Cut Costs

  • No swipe cards required.
  • No paper tickets.
  • Admin Staff numbers reduced.
  • No ticket machines to service or breakdown.
  • Reduced car park maintenance costs.
  • Kronos® Car park management package delivers Back Office efficiencies

The High Volume, Fast Flow Parking Solution

  • Increased traffic flows as vehicles just drive in.
  • Reduced entry & exit lanes required.
  • Superior Management Reports package.

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