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Ticketless Parking System at Market Square Car Park
The world’s first installation of the Ybern Ticketless Parking System® was for Lane Cove Council (LCC) at their Market Square Car Park.


Thirteen industry suppliers of parking ticket systems were invited to quote for the Market Square Car Park.  It was part of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between Woolworths and the Council to redevelop a parking lot into a shopping complex with a Supermarket and a new Council Library building.

Providers of ticketed car parking systems declined on the basis that it was ‘too difficult’ or ‘impossible’ to install a ticket based car parking system at the Market Square site.

Why? The site parameters were very challenging.

  • The entry lane to the car park is only 25 metres. This is 119 metres short of the required length of entry lane for a ticket system under the Australian / New Zealand Standards for Off-Street Car Parking.
  • There is a pedestrian crossing at the entry lane. Frequently pedestrians step into the traffic flow from behind a wide structural pillar. Next to this are the trolley parking bays. A situation with clear pedestrian safety issues.
  • The exit lane is just 8 metres long with no apparent location for car park equipment.
  • There is a Primary School across the road and the Deed of Arrangement for the Market Square site requires free use of the car park for parents dropping off and picking up their children from school.
  • Within the PPP between Woolworths and Lane Cove Council was a requirement for a two hour period of free parking.


Ybern Ticketless Parking System provided Lane Cove Council with an innovative solution for Market Square.

  • The 25 metre entry lane was more than sufficient for the installation of a ticketless system since vehicles do not have to stop for a ticket.
  • The short exit lane required only minor works for TPS to be installed.
  • The free parking time was structured into the Ybern TPS car park management software to allow parents to drop off & pick up children without incurring a fee.

The system was successfully installed and went live in 2010, even featuring on the Channel 7 prime time evening news.


The installation of ticketless parking is a great success in ensuring a high rotation cycle of car park spaces.


Savings, savings, savings.

TPS has optimised Council’s car park operations and income from the 300 spaces.

Fast entry & exit

The TPS exit lane configuration is a sophisticated solution to meet the high demands of having only a single exit point with traffic flow of 3,500 vehicles per day – peaked at 4,202 cars a day.

Remote monitoring

As there are no staff on site, the car park is monitored remotely to ensure timely responses to power outages, systems failure, or vandalism, and to provide assistance to customers.

World class number plate recognition

TPS Camera performance at the Market Square site is such that the TPS ANPR system is achieving a recognition rate of 97.6%.

Comprehensive management package

A new parking management system [the Kronos Master system] was recently installed. It provides Council with comprehensive reports and statistics on usage, traffic throughput and revenue – all of which can be easily accessed in real time online from a computer or a hand-held device.  For example, statistics on usage show:

  • 71% of parkers stay less than one hour
  • 93% stay less than two hours
  • 99% stay less than three hours

Continuous improvement

Over time, new developments have been added to enhance the performance of the car park.

  • Upgrading the Pay on Exit pay station. The new Tap n Go payment facility has reduced the time vehicles spend in the exit lane to 4 seconds.
  • Installing bollards and other traffic calming devices has reduced vehicle speed in the car park.

Substantial savings and increases in revenue from Market Square are just some of the benefits ticketless parking has provided Lane Cove Council and the car park users.

Project Details

Client: Lane Cove Council

Completion Date: July 2010

TPS Solves Tough Problems

  • The entry did not easily conform to the Australian Standard for an off-street parking ticketed system.
  • High potential risk of congestion on the external road network.
  • Less than ideal car park design.
  • Main entry area compromised.
  • Insufficient queue length for conventional ticketed solution.
  • No room for conventional payment/collection booth on exit.

TPS Entry Lane

TPS Exit Lane

The Exit Lane is next to the Entry Lane.

TPS Solution: Go Ticketless

  • LPNR cameras
  • Pay on foot paystation
  • Pay on exit paystation
  • Information screen
  • Exit barrier arm
  • Speed humps
  • Remote monitoring
  • Online reports on income, traffic and usage

Market Square Car Park Statistics

  • 3,860 vehicles per day use the car park.
  • High potential risk for congestion on the external road network.
  • 312 spaces service retail mall, village shops, library facilities.
  • Council and Woolworths agree on two hours free parking.
  • > 90% of shoppers leave within two hours.

Market Square Car Park

24-28 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia

Lane Cove Car Park

Lane Cove Car Park

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