Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Ticketless Parking System at Primary Health Care Medical Centre, Moonee Ponds


Primary Health Care invited Ybern to propose a parking solution for its Medical Centre site at Moonee Ponds, Victoria. PHC were interested in a cost effective way to manage the small car park at that location.

The efficient use of the Moonee Ponds car park posed challenges due to its size, the location and difficulty in collecting fees under the existing system. The car park is small and intended solely for the use of Medial Centre patients and authorised personnel. The lack of public street parking and the Centre’s close proximity to a railway station was hindering patient access to parking. Commuters, trades people and shoppers were occupying valuable car park spaces.

The existing parking system was a coin operated barrier gate. It could only charge a single tariff for all parkers irrespective of their length of stay.  The four dollar fee had to be set low so as not to deter patients from parking but it put the car park under pressure from many opportunistic users.


project-moonee-ponds-imgp7394-smYbern accepted the challenge and designed a bespoke Ticketless Parking System (TPS) to meet the requirements of the site and cost considerations.

Our solution consists of:

  • Two cameras for each lane
  • A Ybern Slimline paystation specifically designed to meet the cost considerations of the site
  • A Barrier Gate with a three metre unarticulated arm
  • One Way Traffic Spikes (Dragon’s Teeth)
  • A back to base intercom unit in the car park and in the paystation
  • A Server computer, Kronos control software and modem
  • All Ticketless Parking System (TPS) software was created by Ybern

All hardware was designed by Ybern and manufactured in Australia with some components sourced from overseas.

The TPS Slimline pay station was a new design.  It accepts payment in cards, notes and coins and gives change in notes and coins.  It incorporates components from International Companies who are pre-eminent in their field.

  • An OEM Server computer manufactured to Ybern specification
  • TPK 15” Touchscreen
  • MEI Cashflow® Note Recycler
  • MEI Cashflow® Coin Manager
  • Ares 1500-002A Industrial Computer
  • Safeguard Coin Vault
  • Stentofon TCIS-3 Intercom


This TPS installation at Moonee Ponds has satisfied Primary Health Care requirement for a managed car park that always has a vacant car space for a patient and it also generates a steady income.

Traffic flow in the car park is now quite moderate – 1.8 visits per car space per day.


Project Details

Client: Primary Health Care Medical Centre

Completion Date: June 2015

TPS Solves Tough Problems

  • Off-street entry from busy road. No possibility for a boom arm on the entrance.
  • Restricted one lane entry & exit.
  • Medical Centre patients and personnel are given preference or have a car space available.

TPS solution – Go Ticketless

  • Two ANPR cameras at entry and exit
  • Barrier Gate with a 3m unarticulated arm
  • Specifically designed Ybern Slimline pay on foot paystation
  • Back to Base Intercom in the paystation and at the exit
  • Kronos control software

Moonie Ponds Car Park Statistics

  • Traffic flow in the car park is now moderate
  • 40 public car spaces including 2 spaces for people with disabilities
  • 19 Doctors and Staff car spaces
  • An average frequency of 1.5 visits per car space per day
  • A peak frequency of 2.9 visits per car space per day
  • Opened 10th June 2015

Primary Health Care Medical Centre

34-36 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039, Australia

Moonee Ponds Medical Centre

The Wesley Hospital

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