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The Industry Leader

Since the first Ticketless Parking System (TPS) installation in 2010 at Lane Cove, Ybern Pty Ltd has been continuously developing this system.

As soon as our first Sydney installation came online, we became the leader in true ticketless parking technology.

At Ybern, we do not simply ‘supply product’ to the parking industry. We hear what our customers tell us and design parking solutions for their particular needs.


Ybern’s TPS is a truly ticketless parking system that continues to be the benchmark for user-friendly and operator-profitable parking solutions.

The team at Ybern offers the parking industry intelligent, innovative and efficient solutions that simplify parking operations and deliver a care-free parking experience for operators and customers.

St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

The Wesley Hospital

Rydge’s Hotel Car Park

Showground Car Park

Market Square

North Sydney Council

North Sydney Council

North Sydney Council

North Sydney Council

North Sydney Council

Eastpoint Food Fair Car Park

Newtown Central Car Park

Dynamic Ticketless Parking

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