Ticketless Parking System Features

The High Volume, Fast Flow Parking Solution

A modern Ticketless Parking System can eliminate common Car Park Operator problems and save money.

Ybern TPS is Unique

It combines high accuracy license plate recognition with ticketless parking to:

Enable High Volumes

and fast flow-through of cars at the entry and exit

Deliver Better Savings on Operating Costs

and sophisticated park management information reporting

About the TPS Solution

TPS Solutions offer unique modern parking for Australian conditions.

Locally Designed and Developed


Low Total Cost of Ownership




Modular Components


Low Maintenance


Shorter Entry and Exit Lanes


Increases Car Spaces per Site


Manages High Volumes at Entry and Exit


TPS Increases Income by Cutting Operating Costs

Revenue is top of mind for car park operators. TPS has the best solution on the block.


No Tickets


Reduced On-Site Staff


Reduced Equipment Maintenance


More Parking Bays


Fewer Entry and Exit Lanes Needed


TPS Cameras have an Accuracy of 99%+

TPS exclusive cameras and software capture information like no other system on the market.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (NPR)


Embedded Computer


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


TPS Camera Links to Kronos Software


Recognizes Plates at Entry and Exit


Reads All Plates

Regardless of weather, light conditions, reflective, non-reflective, plastic, personalised, damaged and obscured plates

TPS Kronos Software

When car park operators want to know what is going on, in detail, the TPS software suite delivers.

Exclusive Operational Reports


In the Cloud


Accessible from Any PC, Tablet or Smartphone


Available Anywhere, Any Time


Capacity for Millions of Subscribers


Capacity to Support Hundreds of Concession Classes


TPS Kronos Software Details

No matter your specific operational or reporting requirements, Kronos has you covered.

Kronos Basic

For one-in / one-out car parks with < 300 car parking spaces

Kronos Advanced

For multi-lane car parks with a capacity >300 car park spaces

Kronos Enterprise

For multiple car park operations

Cash Refill Report


Revenue Analysis


Lane Traffic Report


Barrier Gate Report


Occupancy Report


Outages Report


Free List & Concessional Users Report


Kronos Basic +

more granular analysis

Kronos Reports Advanced +

a capstone module running on individual car parks, sets of car parks and all car parks under your management

Keeping up with Change

As parking management requirements change over time, the functionality and capabilities of TPS® Kronos software changes in response to emerging needs.
The TPS® modular structure makes it easy to modify, update or change your parking management software system to keep abreast of your evolving administration.

Additional services and features to improve your parking management include:

Online and Remote Backup


Cloud Based Reservations


Loyalty Schemes

integrated with cash register systems / barcodes

Payment Through 3rd Party Apps

Keep an eye on our Blog for the latest developments in our car park management software and hardware.

Car Park Equipment – Collecting Fees in the Car Park

Features of our exclusive Australian designed and manufactured automatic pay machines (APM) include:

Touch Screens

that collect and give information

Capacity for Collecting Fees

via Cash or Credit Card

Giving Change in Coins and Notes


Capability for Purchasing and Renewing

daily access credits, weekly access and bulk parking credits

Integrated Intercom

for customer assistance

Receipt Printing



for Tap and Go payment and Barcode Readers

High Reliability

and 10 year life cycle

TPS Multifunction Pay-on-Foot

Our high volume pay station is capable of servicing car parks with thousands of car spaces. It features:

22 inch Inter-Active Touch Screen

which enables buying concession tickets, buying and renewing daily access credits, weekly access and bulk parking credits

Bank Note Receiver (BNR)

that delivers change in any combination of notes

Coin Recycler

with a jam-proof mechanism that delivers change in any combination of coins

Credit Card Reader

with high reliability

Barcode Reader

and / or Tap and Go contactless payment (optional)

Back-To-Base Intercom


Prints Receipts on Demand


TPS Slimline Pay-on-Foot

Our small pay machine is for low traffic car parks. It features:

15 inch Touch Screen


Credit Card Reader


Note and Coin Payment

with change given in coins



Receipt Printer


Options to Add-On Include:

change in notes, Tap and Go payment and reading Barcodes

TPS Pay-on-Exit

Our point of exit APM features:

6.5 inch Screen

on which the vehicle LPN and fee payable are displayed when the car draws up in the Exit lane

Credit Card Payment


Intercom for Assistance


Receipt Printing


Tap and Go Payment

and Barcode Readers (optional)

Car Park Equipment – Managing Traffic Behaviour

The corner stone of going ticketless is the TPS ANPR camera. This camera is customised for Australian conditions.

Other TPS Car Park Equipment Includes:

Barrier Arms


Dragon's Teeth




Fixed and Rising Bollards


Speed Humps


Digital LED Signs

and painted lane markers

Electric Car Charging

(induction & post point)

Ybern Offers Clients Fully Integrated Services

Ybern offers clients fully integrated services from ideas to installation and beyond.

We provide Consultancy Services to Owners, Builders and Construction which covers:


Concept Design


Feasibility Studies


Floor Layouts


Design and Construction


Traffic Flow Simulations


Project Management


Supply & Installation

Ybern supplies, installs and commissions TPS equipment and software.


Ybern supports the TPS system with documentation, training and life-time scheduled maintenance for hardware and software.

Dynamic Ticketless Parking

Find out how a modern Ticketless Parking System can eliminate common Car Park Operator problems and save money.