TPS Equipment

A complete Ticketless Parking Solution

TPS SmartCam

The only flexible system that captures front & rear plates.

  • Yberns fully integrated lighting and camera housing solution.
  • Integrated LED illuminators, Infra-Red & White-Light.
  • Strobe flashes act as a powerful, visible deterrent to drivers avoiding payment.
  • Lighting on demand delivers real savings through reduced electricity consumption.
  • White-Light provides the illumination to all licence plates that cannot be “seen” by IR reflective illumination.
  • Illumination is activated on demand via external input.
  • Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT).
  • An Interchangeable Lens System.



TPS EasyPay Credit Card Paymachine

100% Australian designed & manufactured

  • The TPS Pay on Exit is easy, quick and secure to use.
  • We provide a large interactive 15.6-inch touch screen for ease of use, with modern graphics to enhance the users experience.
  • Receipts can be printed by the driver if required.
  • The Pay on Exit is easy to service due to no moving parts, and we can do diagnostics and rectifications on any issues remotely.
  • The Paymachine has a large surface area that can promote any corporate branding. Ybern has the templates to provide to an artwork designer, or we can supply generic artwork.
  • All standard key instruction images/wording eg images for Tap&Go, and receipts are legally compliant.


TPS MultiPay

Ybern’s secure Cash & Credit Card Paymachine.

  • A 24-inch interactive touch screen that provides an easy navigation for customers to check their duration, and allows easy payment via Cash, Credit Card, Eftpos, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Is easily adaptable to other payment types as they become available.
  • All Paymachine standard instructional images and wording are fully compliant to Australian Standards.

TPS10 AutoFlow Boomgate

The TPS10 AutoFlow Boomgate has been designed to provide long term reliability, an efficient operation and lasting durability

  • An LED barrier arm.
  • Automatic barrier gate locking position when power on, and manual operation if power off.
  • A safety compression spring to prevent tension spring accidents occurring.
  • An easily operated control mode for raising, lowering and pausing the boom gate arm.
  • An auto-reverse on boom arm impact.
  • Safety Photocell ports added.
  • Easy convenient connectivity for external loop detectors.
  • RS-485 communication serial interface(optional).
  • Connector for traffic lights (AC220V).
  • Easily integrated with remote controls.

Web 2.0 Cloud Based Management Module

Provides a web-based management system available on a desktop, or on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone for remote access anywhere, anytime

  • Displays current system events and status messages
  • Controls all devices throughout the parking system (IoT)
  • Creates key information on date/time/fee information for each vehicle
  • Creates and edits complimentary and privileged parker details
  • Provides a Shopper Concession module
  • Provides a Residential Parkers Module
  • Provides bespoke reports on traffic flow, occupancy and revenue

The Ybern phone payment app

Offer your customers an easy parking experience. They simply download the app to

  • Check length of stay
  • Pay securely by Credit Card
  • Leave unimpeded

The App receipt can be emailed