Ticketless Parking System® Solutions

The High Volume, Fast Flow Parking Solution

TPS is the Game-Changer

TPS unique combination of highly accurate license plate recognition and ticketless parking delivers astonishing revenue improvements for car park operators and a new level of convenience for car park users. A modern Ticketless Parking System can eliminate common Car Park Operator problems and save money.

For Car Park Operators

No matter the size or location of the car park facility:


Comprehensive revenue and traffic reports


A system customised for your requirements


More parking spaces as fewer entry & exit lanes required


Self-administering customer and staff schemes


Cost effective as fewer staff required

For Drivers

Drivers using our dynamic ticketless parking system:


Fast entry


Fast exit


Reaching out the window is a thing of the past


No lost tickets


No need to remember tickets

TPS unique hardware and software solutions are Australian designed and manufactured.

TPS Management Solutions

Ybern TPS management solutions increase ROI by:

  • Providing Management Reports of real time revenue and traffic data
  • Reports available on any smart phone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Proprietary software customised to needs
  • Linking multiple parking facilities under one management umbrella
  • Real time administration of car parks from the cloud
  • Offering cloud-based parking accounts for permanent users
  • Web-based registration and management of parking

TPS Traffic Flow Solutions

Ybern TPS traffic flow solutions deliver:

  • Fewer entry and exit lanes which frees up floor space for more parking
  • Traffic entry of up to 30 vehicles per minute
  • Vehicles move through the exit in less than four seconds
  • Vehicles can exit at an average rate of 10 vehicles per minute

TPS Hardware Solutions

Ybern TPS hardware solutions offer:

  • Smart camera technology
  • User-friendly, large touch screen pay machines designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Multi-function pay machines accept coins, notes and credit cards; read barcodes and print receipts

A Solution for all sizes of Car Parks

Ybern’s TPS can handle any size car park.

Low Traffic Volume

less than 150 car spaces

1 entry lane

1 exit lane

Less than 1000 visits daily

Casual payments

No account customers

No on-site staff

Credit card payment

Cash payment (option)

Medium Traffic Volume

150 – 1500 car spaces

More than 1 entry lane

More than 1 exit lane

Less than 4000 car visits daily

Casual payments

Account customers (optional)

Complex tariff structure (optional)

No on-site staff

Credit Card & Cash payment

High Traffic Volume

More than 1500 car spaces (unlimited)

Multiple entry lanes

Multiple exit lanes

More than 4000 car visits daily

Casual payments

Account customers (optional)

Complex tariff structure

No on-site staff

Credit Card & Cash payment

Low Traffic Applications


Suburban Clubs


Recreation Centres


Professional Practices


Residential Units


Hotels and Motels

Medium Traffic Applications




Commuter Parking


Shopping Centres

High Traffic Applications


Large Hospitals




Shopping Complex


Entertainment Centres


Sports Centres

A Solution for all types of Car Parks

Ybern’s TPS works in all types of car parks.


Ybern’s TPS meets the needs of Hospital car park operators and parkers with specific and innovative features to deliver a modern streamlined and cost efficient system.

Multiple parking facilities are linkable under a single management interface.

Integrated bay monitoring / vehicle management system is also available.

Account customer self-registration and concession schemes are catered for.

Local Governments

At Ybern, we understand the needs of Local Government. We pioneered Ticketless Parking System Solutions with Lane Cove Council in NSW. This was a real ‘world first’.

Local governments and municipalities face many challenges when it comes to providing parking.

They include meeting stringent efficiency and effectiveness targets; satisfying ecological and sustainability requirements; curbing whole of life capital cost as well as on-going costs; providing sufficient and well-located parking spaces for residents, visitors and commuters.

Ybern consultants work with all stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Leisure & Sports Centres

With the TPS solution, there is no need for administration of member cards and no need to print vouchers or tickets at home.

Online reservations guarantee customers a designated space in the parking location they prefer. Barcoded vouchers can be purchased for special events.

Access to the car park is granted by license plate recognition cameras which identify vehicle license plates.

The TPS is such a hassle-free and uncomplicated experience that it is virtually ‘invisible’.

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centre parkers and operators have high expectations of their parking experience – it must be easy and stress-free.

Camera controlled entry and exit allows for free flowing movement into and out of the car park. Connections to third party parking guidance systems can guide parkers to available parking spaces.

Ybern’s TPS responds to the needs of Shopping Centre parkers and operators with specific and innovative features to deliver a modern streamlined and cost efficient system.


TPS Parking Systems offer the airport parking operator a smoothly-running, customer-friendly parking operation.

Airport car parks are high volume, multi-lane, multi-site, and complex operations providing access to car rental companies, taxis, valet parking, short and long term parking, business parking, employee parking and many other categories of users.

Ticketless Parking System Parking Solutions can deliver a customised solution and satisfy the complex requirements of airport parking.


The TPS web based management module is the perfect fit for a hotel. Irrespective of size, managing a hotel parking operation calls for a complex mix of vehicle access control and revenue collection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The TPS system is flexible and can be customized specifically to meet the hotel guests’ requirements for easy parking; it cuts back on the need for hotel staff to administer parking and provides strict audit controls for management.

Ybern Offers Clients Fully Integrated Services

Ybern offers clients fully integrated services from ideas to installation and beyond.

We provide Consultancy Services to Owners, Builders and Construction which covers:


Concept Design

Feasibility Studies

Floor Layouts

Design and Construction

Traffic Flow Simulations

Project Management

Supply & Installation

Ybern supplies, installs and commissions TPS equipment and software.


Ybern supports the TPS system with documentation, training and life-time scheduled maintenance for hardware and software.

How can we help you?

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